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What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a class of supplements that help enhance cognitive performance in executive functions, memory, creativity, and motivation. Link

Although commonly associated with mental capabilities, Nootropics have also been used by athletes to better increase focus, alertness, reaction time, endurance, and power output instead of standard caffeine for sports. Link

Nootropics are already used worldwide by CEOs, Athletes, and Top Professionals as a means to safely and effectively increase brain power to excel further in their line of duty. This is especially true for the tech-entrepreneurs and billionaires of the land of technology: Silicon Valley. Link

Although Nootropics are commonly associated with chemical-based supplements (Piracetam, Phenibut, Adrafinil, etc), we at Flash only use high quality and safe herbal-based Nootropics that are proven by science to help you be productive. So when you #DrinkFlash, you know you are getting the best quality ingredients to give you the necessities needed to achieve more. You can find our list of Nootropics below.

Our Nootropic energy shots help give you the Nootropic benefits for you to excel, as well as ‘clean energy’ that is yet to be found in any energy drinks or pre-workouts in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

What about 'Clean Energy'? What is that?

Imagine a busy hardworking corporate worker named Amir. Amir works from 9-5 and goes to the gym after office hours. After a busy day at work, Amir needs energy for the gym to achieve his dream body. For this Amir drinks a standard energy drink on market. Let’s call this energy drink, BlueCow.

After a few minutes of drinking BlueCow, Amir starts to feel energized and alert. As he proceeds with his workout, his hands suddenly feel jittery from the caffeine. Unfortunately, nothing in BlueCow counteracts the side effects of caffeine. He gets some energy from the BlueCow, but now he has trouble focusing. Amir is now experiencing what is commonly known as a ‘Sugar Rush’.

After a few hours, night time falls. The Sugar Rush starts to wear off. Amir is now feeling very tired and lethargic. This is because Amir is experiencing a ‘Sugar Crash’. Although very tired from the crash, Amir cannot sleep because of the caffeine. BlueCow has too much sugar and nothing to counteract caffeine. As a result, Amir is left with a restless night, thanks to BlueCow.

Clean energy does the opposite. The clean energy from our shots feel more subtle than the energy from standard energy drinks. This does not mean it is weaker, clean energy is actually better and more effective to help you be productive. 

Our Nootropic power ingredients gives you a smooth wave of energy, mental stamina, alertness and focus. Our shots do not use sugar to give you energy. Our shots use L-Theanine, a compound found in green tea, that counteracts caffeine’s jitteriness, crashes, and sleep problems.

The clean energy as well as the Nootropic benefits from our energy shots are why we believe we are in a higher league of energy supplementation versus standard energy drinks.

This is why we strive for us Malaysians to make the better change! This is why we want Malaysia to #DrinkFlash!

Check out our list of Nootropics below:

Yerba Mate:

A nutritious and popular tea in South America. Provides clean mental stimulation, mood calming effects, boosts short-term social memory*, and has neuroprotective properties*.


The Guarana name comes from the South American Tupi-Guarini tribe which translates translates to “fruit-like eyes of the people.” Provides clean mental stimulation, increases brain activity for better mood and focus, increases energy metabolism, and antioxidants.

Kucha Tea Extract:

Camellia assamicaor known as Kucha tea is a powerful Chinese tea known for giving similar effects to Caffeine for mental energy, but cleaner and more focussed.


L-theanine is found in green tea, it gives the calming and focus aspects of the tea. Provides calming effects, clean focus, and works perfectly with Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Kucha Tea Extract for clean mental energy.

Rhodiola Rosea:

One of the world’s most famous Nootropic, Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic (fatigue and stress reducer) as well a powerful Nootropic that has been shown by research to increase processing accuracy* and cognitive performance*.

Gotu Kola:

AKA “Pegaga” in Malaysia, Gotu Kola has been shown by research to increase alertness and attention, reduce anxiety, as well as improve memory with prolonged usage*.


Huperzine-A is extracted from the herbs of theHuperziceaefamily, and is shown as a acetylcholinesterase inhibitor or in layman’s terms, it prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine thus increasing acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is important for learning, memory, and cognitive power*.

Alpha GPC:

Alpha GPC is a cholinergic, which means it provides choline (a common essential nutrition found in many common foods) to create more acetylcholine, which is important for learning, memory, and cognitive power*.

*All the above claims are based on actual scientific research but we at FLASH are not claiming FLASH as being beneficial for these benefits since we are not allowed to, as FLASH is registered as a beverage and not a supplement. This is in accordance with the guidelines of the Food And Beverages Act of making medical claims.

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